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Conditions of membership

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We would like to express our grateful thanks to the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) whose equivalent Terms & Conditions form the basis of this document.

The following constitute the terms and conditions of apdo-uk membership. Please make sure you have read and understand these terms fully. By becoming a member of apdo-uk, you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions, and you also agree that a breach of these may result in cancellation of your membership. 

These terms & conditions apply to all applicants who submit to become an Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers (UK) (apdo-uk) member.

Further detail of these conditions, and of the status and powers of apdo-uk, can be found in the apdo-uk Constitution.

By becoming a Member of apdo-uk, you agree to comply with the following Conditions of Membership:

1. Membership duration and fees

a. Your membership is valid for the stated term. It is the personal responsibility of the individual member to ensure that their membership is renewed at that time. apdo-uk can accept no responsibility for a lapse in listing due to non-renewal. Members can check membership expiry dates at any time on the Members’ Area of the apdo-uk website.  If you resign or your membership lapses, you agree to cease using the apdo-uk logo on any promotional or other material. You also agree to remove all references to you being a member on your website, business cards and all other material under your control. 

b. The apdo-uk joining fee is payable on your initial membership application.

c. Should you wish to cancel your membership before your membership expiry date, no refund of membership fees will automatically be due. In exceptional circumstances, the Management Committee may (entirely at its own discretion) make a refund.

d. You will use your current apdo-uk membership [proved by reference to your unique Directory entry on the apdo-uk website] to redeem all discounts and member offers available to you, and to prove to your clients your membership of apdo-uk. You may not claim membership of apdo-uk or use apdo-uk member discounts and benefits, after your membership has expired.

e. If your membership has lapsed, and you wish to re-join, you may be required to pay the current administration fee in addition to your renewal payment (as though joining as a new member). 

2. Requirements of membership

You agree to comply with the following conditions:

a. to be over the age of 21 (and to provide proof by submission of appropriate documentation if so requested)

b. to have full and current public liability and professional indemnity insurance, and to provide documentary evidence of the same within one calendar month of the commencement of membership

NB International Members:

or any existing equivalent in your country to protect you and your clients in the event of claim

c. to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office for inclusion on the Public Register of Data Controllers under the Data Protection Act 1998, and to provide proof by submission of ICO registration number

NB International Members:

not compulsory; only if it is in place in your country or any similar scheme

d. to register with HMRC – either as self-employed or as a new business (if you wish to operate as a limited company)

NB International Members:

not applicable for International Members

e. to provide a clear reciprocal link from your own website to the Association’s website at

You agree to review carefully your own personal need for the following, and to implement as you conclude necessary:

a. registration as a Waste Carrier, Broker & Dealer with the Environment Agency if you are likely to be removing any items from your client's premises (whether for disposal, donation or sale). According to the Environment Agency and relevant legislation, these provisions will apply to almost any items you could be involved in removing from your client's premises, even though they may not be obviously or traditionally categorised as typical 'waste'. Please ensure you check the relevant provisions carefully.

b. a DBS check (previously CRB) if you are likely to work with clients in a vulnerable category

c. an internet presence (website, blog or social media presence) for your business, including clear statement of services, fees and appropriate contact details

3. Business conduct

You agree:

a. to be bound by the apdo-uk Code of Ethics

b. to operate your business in a professional, moral and ethical manner and not bring apdo-uk into disrepute in any way.

c. to operate your business in accordance with all relevant national and local government bodies as are applicable to your business and your dealings with apdo-uk. 

d. that apdo-uk and/or its office bearers and representatives bear no legal responsibility whatsoever in relation to any of your business dealings.

e. to be bound by any decision made by the apdo-uk Management Committee in relation to any circumstances relating to the above, and acknowledge that the Management Committee has the right to terminate your Membership of the Association for failure to abide by such decision. Any decision to terminate your Membership is final.

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