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Bernadette Sarginson
Based in
Leicestershire, East Midlands
Leics, Notts, Lincs, Northants, Norwich, London
01664 464 440
07879 415599 (mobile)
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We know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with the clutter you may have accumulated over the years. We also know how easy it is for others, who don’t really understand, to say ‘just start with one drawer at a time and you’ll be there before you know it’. Because if it really was that easy, you’d just do it, right?

At The DeClutter Doctor, we can help you find that place, where you feel organised, in control, and able to manage all the many drains on your time and energy, so that you can focus on the really important things in life - stop worrying about ‘small stuff’.

We understand that clearing clutter is not always the clinical, detached process of just sorting things out. There are often many underlying reasons why we hold on to certain items, feeling unable to let them go, and we are here to support you through that process; practically, emotionally and psychologically, to get where you want to be. And then stay there.

The DeClutter Doctor was founded by former Solicitor, Bernadette Sarginson, in the realisation that her qualifications, experience, and passion for all things ordered and organised, were the perfect combination and skill set to launch her Professional Organising Solutions Business in 2011.

Her mission is to make a real difference to the lives of those who feel overwhelmed by their clutter or just simply don’t know where to start in being more organised. What Bernadette passionately believes in, is helping you find the skills to manage your home, office and life well after she’s worked her magic. Her philosophy is that it’s just as important to look at and address the underlying causes of hoarding and disorganisation with you, as it is to deal with the obvious, visible symptoms. Otherwise, how will you know how to do things differently next time?

Bernadette has experience since 2005 of working with hunderds of clients as a Personal Development and Change Management Coach and Trainer. She qualified as an NLP Coaching Practitioner in 2008, is currently training for a Certificate in Mindfulness and she uses her coaching skills extensively in her work. She is also qualified in Interior Design.

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