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Gina Lawrie
Based in
Surrey, South East England
Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex
01252 728242
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Longing for space, simplicity and peace of mind?

If you are:

  • overwhelmed by the thought of sorting out your home...
  • embarrassed at being surrounded by clutter but can't bear to throw it away...
  • weighed down by all the things you haven't got around to doing...
  • holding onto things just in case...

...Empathic Decluttering is for you.

Empathic Decluttering isn’t just about throwing stuff out. It is about working with the emotional attachment to free up your choice, time and energy and exploring the blocks that get in the way. Recognising how intertwined our inner and out worlds are, I work both from the inside - out and from the outside - in.  My approach is tailored to support the transition you want to make in your life. I will hold you and your attachments with care and do everything possible to recycle or find new homes for anything unwanted.

Clients might be downsizing, moving house, wanting to clear more wardrobe space, dealing with bereavement or have serious hoarding issues.

Gina Lawrie is based in Farnham and works in the surrounding area of Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.

Gina has a background in psychology, social work and management development and has been working in the field of personal and organisational change for over 20 years. She is a leading expert in empathic communication drawing on the process of Nonviolent Communication™.

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