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Rachel Papworth
Based in
Sussex (East), South East England
Brighton & Hove. South East England. London.
07952 791821 (mobile)
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I help people all over the world declutter and create homes they love.

I’m a trained coach with a Psychology degree. I've been a Professional Organiser since 2011.

I’ll help you declutter completely - AND develop habits to stay clutter-free FOREVER!

a) Download a decluttering masterclass FREE from my website

b) The Declutter Club (all my products - worth £550; one-to-one/group sessions; a clutter clearing community cheering you on)

c) Hands-on in-home decluttering (£50/hour weekdays, £60/hour weekends/bank holidays)

d) 10-week training, coaching and support programme

e) 21 Day Declutter - a fun way to start, or stay on track

e) Telephone/Skype support.

(Prices on website)

I love working with green-minded people who hate waste. I know how hard that can make it to let go of stuff! I'll help you work out what to keep and what to let go, and advise you on eco-friendly ways to move stuff on.

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