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Think of now as a time to ‘thin-down’ after the season's gifts and sales-shopping start to overwhelm you.
Many consider this an ideal time of year to diet, following the excesses of the season. Consider the same for your home. How ‘fat’ are your drawers, wardrobes and cupboards? Do they need thinned-out?
The festive season and turn of the year often bring abundance, so identify the prime points in your home that need your attention.
Here are some pointers to help you.


Clear out the food cupboards. Rid yourself of anything that’s out of date, or well beyond real use. Remember with herbs and spices that if you can’t smell them, you most certainly won’t be able to taste them. If a cupboard's particuarly full and it's difficult to see all the contents, consider having a list on the back of the door of items you’ve stored with use-buy dates and others foods you still need; tick these off as you use or store them.

Guest bedrooms

Ensure you have enough linen and towels. Clear a space for guests’ possessions. If you need to store clothing or linen in order to free up space, consider using some vacuum bags. If you’re going to be short of hangers get some and if necessary put up some extra hooks for coats/bags -you can always use suction-type variety so they can be taken down without damage. As a welcoming touch for guests have a little gift bag on the bed of soaps and toiletries, or chocolates. If you're clearing clothes from your rooms try to have a 'one in one out' policy and consider donating to charity any clothing or linen you no longer need.


Get as much off the floor as possible; it’ll be easier to clean. Hooks, hanging shelving, radiator rails for towels etc are all useful.  Ensure you have enough towels, soaps, and shower gels/bubble bath. Scented candles/soaps or reed diffusers are a nice touch.

Sitting Room

You’re probably going to need more floor space than usual for the remainer of the season's parties, so experiment now with room layout and move/store anything that may get in the way. Consider some extra seating, such as an under-window storage box with seat pad, or some large brightly festive coloured floor cushions for the children. Glasses will be needed so check you have enough and pre-arrange hiring or borrowing any you may need. Remember too that you’ll need more coasters/mats for glasses to be laid on as guests may not be as careful as you with your furniture!


Clear as much space as possible. Ensure you have a good mat to protect flooring if the weather turns nasty, and somewhere for wet or muddy footwear to be stored – perhaps a large garden trug or tub brightly coloured or decorated with some tinsel and baubles.
You’ll also need something to stand wet umbrellas in! Fresh flowers and plants will give a welcoming look, and a mirror will reflect light into the hallway..

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