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About membership

apdo-uk is a growing organisation, regularly featured in the national and local media. 

How to join

Please read all the details below carefully. Once you have done so, please click on the Apply for Membership link on the left and follow the instructions.

Your attention is especially drawn to our Conditions of Membership


Annual membership costs £150 plus a one-off joining fee of £30

Please note from 1st April 2015, we are standardising joining and renewal dates to the 1st day of the month and 1st June 2016 becoming the universal renewal date next year. New members will start from the next 1st of the month after their application is received or can choose the option to pay for the month of application but membership will start from the 1st of that month regardless of the date of joining.

The pro rata payments for new members joining in 2015/16 and current member renewals are listed below. (NEW MEMBERS ONLY: Please add the £30 joining fee to these):

Join & pay in May 2016 => full year membership starts 1st June 2016 = £150

The new Member Mentoring Scheme is available for £50 per call.

Membership of apdo-uk is open to all businesses who work with their clients to achieve an organised and decluttered state, whether in the office or the home.

NB: If your business is in a related industry (for example, removal services, house clearance, furniture & storage solutions etc.), please read the details below about Corporate Partnership and contact us for details.

Each apdo member receives:

All members are required to comply with our Conditions of Membership.

International membership

Please refer to our Conditions of Membership if you are considering joining as an International Member.

We are introducing a new category of membership of apdo-uk: international membership. This is intended primarily to help those in our industry who live in a country without an Association of its own, but we will welcome applications from members of other worldwide Associations if they wish.

More information will follow about this exiting new opportunity soon, but in the meantime you can meet our first International member by visiting the appropriate page here.

Unlisted membership

All members are ‘unlisted’ when they first join – even if it’s only for a couple of days while you confirm your compliance with our regulations. However, if you are just setting up business as a Professional Organiser, but are not yet quite ready to start any sort of trading (paid or unpaid), then you can remain ‘unlisted’ for a maximum of 6 months

This means you can access membership information, our Conference and regional networking events, the Yahoo and/or Facebook member-only groups and other matters. You will not have a Directory Listing at this point and so clients will not be able to locate you through apdo-uk, and you will not be required to comply with the Conditions in Section 2.

After 6 months (or earlier, when you are ready to list your business profile for promotion) we will require you to comply with our Conditions of Membership as explained above as a trading Professional Organiser.  

This has the same membership rate as being listed and the same renewal period to encourage members to move into trading (paid or unpaid).

If you are unable to be listed after 6 months, we will ask that you gain support from the mentoring scheme and then unlisted status can be extended for a further six months to a total of one year, but this is the maximum term.

Colleague membership

This is a separate category of membership which applies to a second or subsequent person who works for a business member. It is only available while the primary (full price) membership is in place, fully paid up and compliant with all membership requirements. Failure to renew the primary membership will lead to cancellation of the colleague membership.

Colleague membership costs £75 plus a one-off joining fee of £15. For more details on the benefits, please read Colleague Members.

Using our logo

Once your membership fee has been received and the application processed, you will receive information about our member-only resources: our Yahoo! group, and our intranet of useful information. You'll find (together with many other resources) all our logo files stored there ready for your use in your literature or on your website.


Corporate partnership

Corporate partnership is perfect for companies offering related services such as self-storage, house clearance, moving, interior design, office supplies, and storage products.  If you feel your company would benefit from association with apdo-uk then please click here for more details

If your company would like to work in partnership with apdo-uk on promoting a clutter-free lifestyle and advertise on our website, get involved in sponsoring events, feature in our newsletter or many other opportunities, then we’d love to talk to you. 

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