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Please read this page carefully before filling in your application.

Applying for membership to Apdo-uk is simple: complete the form below. All we need at this stage is your absolutely basic contact and business information, as requested in that form, to ascertain whether you are an appropriate candidate for membership.

Once your application has been confirmed you will receive an invitation to pay your membership fees and further edit your online profile, before it is published, together with your invitation to join the apdo-uk Yahoo! group.

Please ensure, before completing this form, that you have read carefully all details, requirements and guidelines on our Membership page. Your attention is especially drawn to the Conditions of Membership.

NB: If you are not certain whether your application has been submitted, please do not fill in the form again, but email to check. Your application will usually receive a response within 24 hours. Please check your Spam folder just in case your membership email has ended up in there!

Please also note that apdo-uk has no full-time office coverage, but is staffed on a largely voluntary basis by members of the Association. We do our best to reply to all applications, queries and other matters within 24 hours, but please be patient if you do not hear immediately. Your application is approved and processed manually, not automatically.

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