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The phrase 'hoarding' has been heard a great deal in recent years. In 2011, we saw a made-for-TV documentary about Richard Wallace, the 'Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder' whose cluttered home and garden were the focus of disapproval from his neighbours in a wealthy Surrey village. Since then, there have been many more programmes related to the subject, and awareness of Hoarding Disorder - and its acceptance as a genuine medical condition - has become far more widely recognised.

In May 2013 Hoarding Disorder was officially recognised in the DSM-V (the fifth edition of the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

apdo-uk recognises the complexities of hoarding disorder – a recognised mental health condition – which is a specific type of behaviour characterised by:

apdo-uk’s blog and newsletters often includes articles and information about hoarding - click here to see them all.

We are delighted to have Help for Hoarders as one of our valued partners; this excellent website (set up by tv presenter Jasmine Harman, who is the daughter of a hoarder) provides:

The safety dangers of hoarding

Excessive amounts of clutter can create all manner of risks to health and safety - not only to those living in a property, but also to neighbours, the local community and the emergency services.

apdo-uk is proud to support the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) with its UK Hoarding Awareness Campaign and to have the Fire Kills Campaign as one of our partners.

Practical help from professional organisers

We understand the need to provide the correct level of advice and practical support for people affected by hoarding issues, and set up apdo-uk’s Hoarding Advisory Team in 2013.

The team is made of up pioneering apdo-uk Members at the forefront of helping hoarders in the UK, and offers advice, training, support and media liaison about all aspects of hoarding, including sensitive situations such as eviction, infestations, unsanitary conditions and animal hoarding.

Whilst not all professional organisers work with hoarders, those who do - or who are interested in working with hoarders - are encouraged to undertake appropriate professional training and inform apdo-uk’s Hoarding Advisory Team accordingly.

Coming soon: More resources about hoarding and professional training.

To find out when this information becomes available, and for news updates about hoarding, please subscribe to apdo-uk's newsletter, or keep in touch via Facebook and Twitter (@apdouk), which will be updated accordingly.

apdo-uk’s Hoarding Advisory Team

Heather Matuozzo (Clouds End CIC) - +44 7939 059470

Cherry Rudge (Rainbow Red) – +44 7931 303310

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